Parent Involvement Plan

Van Buren School District

Parent and Family Engagement Plan


Dr. Harold Jeffcoat- Superintendent

Mr. Brian Summerhill, Ed.S- Deputy Superintendent

Mrs. Karen Allen, Ed.S- Assistant Superintendent

Challenging and Preparing Our Students- We believe a partnership must exist between our parents and our schools. We promote positive communication between our schools and our students’ homes. The district ensures our schools provide a variety of opportunities for parents to be involved in activities supporting our schools. We believe teachers have a responsibility to provide the needed framework for parents to nurture their child’s formal instruction at home; therefore, we will provide materials that can successfully be used at home to reinforce students’ academic success. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere where parents are able to express their views and to assist in problem solving. We want parents to understand we view them as joint policy and decision makers and plan to emphasize their roles as advocates.

Van Buren School District Parent Involvement Committee:

Karen Allen, Assistant Superintendent (, Phone: 479-474-7942)

Nancy Robbins, Director of Curriculum

Brian Summerhill, Deputy Superintendent

Krista Brown, Parkview Elementary Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Angie Blake, Rena Elementary Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Jill McClaren, Central Elementary Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Debbie Griffin, King Elementary Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Kathy Smith, Tate Elementary Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Amber Hurst, City Heights Elementary Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Stephanie Richesin and Anita Reagan, Northridge Middle School Parent Involvement Facilitators (Title I)

Tracy Cline, Butterfield Trail Middle School Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Tammy Poole, VBHS Freshman Academy Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Dusti Hurst, VBHS Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Jennifer Feeny, River Valley Virtual Academy Parent Involvement Facilitator

Mary Kilgore, Izard Center for Learning Parent Involvement Facilitator (Title I)

Myron Heckman, Assistant Principal, Van Buren High School

Aimee McCabe, Assistant Principal, City Heights Elementary

Kristina Jones, Parent

Amanda Bowen, Parent

Misty Cheatham, Parent

Pam Gregory, Parent

Jay Baker, Parent

Goal 1: How will the district foster effective parental involvement strategies and support partnerships among school parents, and the community to improve student achievement? The Van Buren School District will:

  • Develop and disseminate district parental involvement policy ( A written copy will be provided to parents through school sites (Fall 2017, Karen Allen, Facilitator and building principals)
  • Conduct an annual meeting in the spring to update policy for next year’s Title I, Part A program, (May 2018, Karen Allen, Facilitator)
  • Reserve a minimum of 1% of the Title I, Part A allocation for parental involvement, with 95% going to Title I, Part A schools ($24,058.00)
  • Coordinate parental involvement activities with the ABC preschool programs at King Elementary and James R. Tate Elementary (Karen Allen, Facilitator and Robert Childers/Renee Risley, Principals)
  • Establish a parental involvement contact person at each of the Title I, Part A schools (see school Parent Facilitators list above)
  • Conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of the parental involvement policy during the spring VBSD Parent Involvement Committee Meeting (May 2018, Karen Allen, Facilitator)
  • Develop a district parental involvement committee to create a parental involvement policy and implement parental involvement activities as well as disseminate information to the community to promote parental involvement in the Title I, Part A schools (September 19, 2017 Karen Allen, Facilitator)
  • Involve parent in the process of school review and improvement under Section 1116 of No Child Left Behind

Goal 2: How will the district provide coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist participating schools in planning and implementing effective parental involvement? The Van Buren School District will:

  • Conduct ongoing site visits to observe parental involvement practices (Karen Allen, Facilitator along with other district administrators)
  • Provide effective training and professional development to enhance the awareness and skills of teachers, pupil service personnel, principals, and staff in reaching out to, communicating with, and working with parents as equal partners
  • Ensure, to the extent possible, information is sent home in a language and form parents can understand by utilizing the district’s parent information system, translators and interpreters
  • Monitor each Title I, Part A school to ensure that each school performs the following tasks (Karen Allen, Facilitator, will collect Federal Programs Timeline and Assurances from each Title I principal.)

         o Develop a parental involvement policy and disseminate with parents and community

         o Offer flexible meeting times

         o Provide information to parents about the school’s program, include parent information packet

         o Develop and use the School-Parent Compact

         o Provide materials and training to help parent work with their children to improve academic achievement, such as literacy training and using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental involvement

Goal 3: How will the district build the school’s capacity for strong parental involvement? The Van Buren School District will:

  • Provide information to participating parents in such areas as national, state, and local educational goals, including parents’ rights as defined in Title I, Part A (Information regarding parents’ rights as defined by Title I, Part A will be disseminated at district/school level annual Title I meetings. Information regarding national, state and local educational goals will be disseminated at district/school level annual Report to the Public)
  • Assist school parent facilitators in the development of parent involvement groups at each school
  • Involve parents through an annual survey to improve school effectiveness (Principals and school Parent Facilitators will distribute and collect surveys)
  • Provide any reasonable support such as materials, training, etc. for parental involvement at the request of participating Title I, Part A schools

Goal 4: How will the district conduct, with the involvement of parents, ongoing evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parent involvement policy as it relates to strategies for increasing parental participation and identifying barriers to greater participation? The Van Buren School District will:

  • Survey parents annually, including questions to identify barriers to parental involvement (Karen Allen, Facilitator, will ensure the distribution and collection of the survey. Results will be tabulated and disseminated to district parent involvement committee members.)
  • Provide an opportunity for the parents to assist in the development of the evaluation procedures, including the analysis of data collected (Karen Allen, Facilitator)
  • Use the findings from the evaluation process to :

      o Make recommendations to each participating school for parental involvement policy revision

      o Provide suggestions for designing school improvement policies as they relate to parental involvement (Karen Allen, Facilitator)

  • Develop and disseminate an annual parent activity evaluation report to share with parents, staff and the community (Karen Allen, Facilitator)

Goal 5: How will the district involve parents in the joint development of the district Title I Application under section 1112 (ACSIP)? The Van Buren School District will:

  • Recruit parents to serve on district ACSIP committee to develop the Title I application. (Annual VBSD ACSIP committee meeting. Building principals will be responsible for inviting parents to serve on the ACSIP Committee.)