Mission Statement

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 3:14 am
Mission Statement

Parkview Elementary School Mission Statement
 The Parkview Elementary School community believes that all children have the right, ability, and responsibility to learn. The mission of the Van Buren School District and Parkview Elementary School is to provide a learning environment that enables students to attain their full potential.

To this end, the school will:

establish a well developed standards-based educational program with emphasis in literacy and math,

incorporate appropriate technologies, resources, and skills that will enable children to compete successfully in the ever changing 21st Century,

create opportunities for children to succeed through differentiated learning experiences based upon their needs as learners,

maintain an environment for learning that is safe, orderly, positive, and engaging with high expectations for student success,

model lifelong learning through the activities of a professional learning community and meaningful parental involvement,

network teachers, students, parents, and community to educate the whole child as a citizen of character.