2017-2018 Freshman Academy Supply list

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 1:04 pm
2017-2018 Freshman Academy Supply list

Van Buren Freshman Academy

Core Classes Supply List 2017-2018

5 Three Ring Binders:

1 inch for English

1 inch for Civics/Economics

2 inch for Science

1 inch for Math

1 inch for Keystone/Oral Communications

Loose-Leaf paper for your binders

1 Composition Notebook for Math

1 two-pocket folder with prongs for Keystone/Oral Communications


Dividers- (no pockets) These can easily be made from construction paper (or something similar) in order to save money. Each binder will need a set of 5 dividers.

If additional supplies are required for elective courses, those lists will be available at schedule pickup on August 3rd and 4th or on the first day of school.