Physical Plant Service

The Van Buren School District is physically changing at a rapid pace. It is our pleasure to insure this process proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Below are some of the duties assigned this department to achieve this task:

Develop and Maintain 10 Year Plan

Develop Custodial Training Plans

Develop Preventative Maintenance Plan

Develop Maintenance Training Plans

Collaborate with District Purchasing Agent

Monitor Construction Projects

Conduct Annual Physical Evaluations of each School Site

Monitor Work Order Processing

Monitor Insurance Laws and Update Coverage

Develop Work Place Safety Training

Develop Chemical Hygiene Training

Indoor Air Quality Awareness Program

Develop Capacity Matrix

Liaison for State Facilities Department for funding and building improvements

Work with SRO Department to Develop Site Security/Safety Plans

Coordinate Workplace Safety Committee

Coordinate Chemical Hygiene Committee

We are proud to serve this district with a plan to provide the best possible educational environment for our children, our teachers and our community.

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