Instant Help, All The Time

At River Valley Virtual Academy, we offer real time instruction from some of the best and most dedicated teachers in Arkansas. Our teachers bring expert knowledge to bear on students who are not satisfied with the traditional school experience. River Valley Virtual Academy’s state-of-the-art technology enables instantaneous communication between teachers, students, and support staff to create an environment that is perfectly optimized for learning. Thanks to River Valley Virtual Academy’s digital tools, your child can schedule personalized 1:1 teacher interaction to get a little extra help.

Earn Your Diploma, The Right Way

Real effort earns real results. When your child graduates from Van Buren School District, he or she will be holding a real, nationally recognized high school diploma. After we help your child to grow and succeed, a diploma from River Valley Virtual Academy will open many doors in the professional realm. Give your child all the knowledge required to thrive in life after high school, and do it without cost or worry.

Learn Anywhere, Study Anytime

River Valley Virtual Academy’s flexible online curriculum allows your child to have more time to live their life outside the classroom. Our students are well-rounded individuals who engage with their family, friends, and community while still earning a high quality education. RVVA tailors our education to the students. Your child will not have to sacrifice unreasonable quantities of time or money to earn an authentic high school diploma. At River Valley Virtual Academy, your child grows both inside and outside of the classroom.

A Respected Education

At River Valley Virtual Academy, education will cost you nothing but a few clicks. Our courses are as robust and comprehensive as those found in a traditional school. Our teachers are Arkansas-certified educators, and our digital tools streamline the information delivery system. River Valley Virtual Academy is offered by an accredited, public charter school and is held to the same educational standards as other Arkansas schools. Our specially designed learning technology and passionate staff bring all of the benefits of a superior education with none of the distractions found in a physical school.