Tech Department

Tech Requests

Priority One: Immediate Response.

Please call the Technology Office immediately if this occurs:
Server Down (No Internet, No Eschool)
Cafeteria Program Down
Principal/Administrator PC Down
Library Check-out Program Down

Priority Two:

Submit Service Request for the following:
All PC Repair Work
Printer Problems
Software Help/Installation
User Login Problems (Google/ Windows/ Eschool)
Please do not e-mail the IT Dept for services.

Our Department

System Administrator - Brian J. Johnson

Brian specializes in Windows Server® administration and network administration. He manages the domain, e-mail and backup operations.

Program Director - Patrick Mays

Patrick manages the operations of the Technology Department. He also purchases all computer and technology related items for the district. Patrick is also the school district's Network Security Officer.

Hardware Technician - Henry C. Johnson

Henry serves as Lead Technician, specializing in hardware installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of the district's computers. He also supports current network infrastructure, insuring connectivity of computers, network printers and IP phones throughout the district. He is Dell certified supporting Windows Server®, Windows Vista® and Windows 7.

Media Technician - Wes R. Yandell

Wes provides support for A/V, phone and software. He has a programming background, along with multimedia skills. Wes handles email, software and some hardware issues, and he is responsible for updating the VBSD website, cafeteria software, and other software systems, He helps administer the chromebooks and Ipad carts.

Wiring Infrastructure Technician - Robby Cockrell

Robby handles the cabling infrastructure for the District. He is responsible for the wiring of inhouse data, fiber optic, CATV/CCTV, A/V, and telephone throughout all of the district's buildings. He is cross-trained with hardware and OS support as well as support of network infrastructure.

The Role of Information Technology in Education:

In Van Buren School District, everyone will strive to become technologically literate individuals pursuing the ability to be life-long learners. All individuals will become successful in achieving their goals in education, their personal lives, and their workplace by utilizing and interacting with the technology environment. Users will master the skills necessary to access, retrieve, store, and use information / data throughout the district, community, nationally and internationally.


The role of technology shall continue to be a key resource in the on-going education of students and staff, providing the ability to share resources and reduce costs, decrease redundant tasks, increase performance efficiency, and provide ongoing instruction to faculty members and students.

Technology is a key element to increasing student interest and motivation. The classroom environment will provide technology based equipment to enhance and enrich the education of students.

All curriculum will incorporate both traditional and innovative learning strategies.

Skillful use of technology supports the development of process skills such as flexibility, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration, which are essential to success in our rapidly changing information age.

VBSD must prepare students for today's workplace and the workplace of the future.

VBSD must prepare students to be life-long learners who are responsible for their own learning, skilled in accessing and processing information, confident in using technological tools, able to solve complex problems alone or collaboratively, capable of being creative and innovative, and able to communicate locally, nationally, and internationally.

Technology Acceptable Use Policy

3.28--Computer Use Policy.pdf

3.28F--Employee Internet Use Agreement.pdf