How It Works

Free of Charge, But Full of Value

At River Valley Virtual Academy, you pay nothing to access our cutting-edge technology and quality online courses. River Valley Virtual Academy is a free option offered by Van Buren School District and powered by the same funding offered to traditional students. It’s the same education offered in a smarter, more accessible way. Additionally, you will save money on school supplies, clothes, and all of the other costs that come with a conventional K-12 experience. Do not let financial issues stand in the way of an exceptional education for your child.

Our Teachers Will Unlock Success

The teachers at River Valley Virtual Academy are passionate about your child’s success. They teach in real time, and they are available for one-on-one interaction for students who want more personalized attention to overcome obstacles. Students learn from a virtual whiteboard to help them visualize and conquer all their subjects quickly and easily. Students need not worry about losing any information in a digital environment. Our teachers use the most cutting-edge technology to simply and powerfully convey information.

Our Commitment Is Your Child’s Success

River Valley Virtual Academy is committed to the success of every student who enters our digital environment. River Valley Virtual Academy employs Arkansas-certified teachers, student achievement coordinators, tutors, support teams, and a plethora of other staff members to ensure your child has all the help they need to succeed. Your child can overcome any obstacle and understand any problem with the right help. We arm our students with all the tools needed to earn a high quality education and set themselves up for success after high school. River Valley Virtual Academy wants all of our students to earn a diploma and begin their professional career with confidence. It all begins in school. Enroll your child in a school that makes sure their every need is met.