State Required Information

A. Local and State Revenues Sources

A.C.A 6-11-129

Local & State Revenue FY2018.pdf

Local Revenue FY2017.pdf

Local Revenue FY2016

B. Administrator and Teacher Salary And Expenditure Benefit Data

A.C.A 6-11-129

3.8.3--Administrative Salary Schedule 2016-2017.pdf 

3.8.3--Administrative Salary Schedule 17-18.pdf

3.8.3 --Administrative Salary Schedule 18-19.pdf

3.8.3 Administrative Salary Schedule 19-20.pdf

3.8.1--Certified Salary Schedule 16-17.pdf 

3.8.1--Certified Salary Schedule 17-18.pdf

3.8.1 --Certified Salary Schedule 18-19.pdf

3.8.1 Certified Salary Schedule 19-20.pdf

3.8.2--Certified Stipend Schedule 2016-2017.pdf 

3.8.2--Certified Stipend Schedule 17 -18.pdf

3.8.2-Certified Stipend Schedule 18-19.pdf

Salary Approval Signature Page 16-17

Salary Approval Signature Page 17-18.pdf

2018-19 Personnel Policy Salary Schedule Sig Page.pdf

C. District Balances, Including Legal Balances and Building Fund Balances

A.C.A 6-11-129

Change in fund balance FY2016.pdf

Changes in Fund Balance FY2017.pdf

Changes in Fund Balances FY2018.pdf

D. Board Members & Meetings & Minutes

A.C.A 6-13-619 & A.C.A 6-11-129

Board Members     Meeting Times       Minutes

E. Annual Budget of the District and Ensuing Years

A.C.A 6-11-129

2016-2017 DISTRICT BUDGET.pdf

2017-2018 DISTRICT BUDGET2.pdf

2018-2019 DISTRICT BUDGET.pdf

Ensuing Budget 2015-2016.pdf

Ensuing Budget FY2016-2017.pdf

Ensuing Budget FY2017-2018.pdf

F. Financial breakdown of Monthly Expenses of the District

A.C.A 6-11-129

School Year 2015-2016


Aug Fin2015.pdf

Sept FIn2015.pdf




Jan Fin2016.pdf

Feb Fin 2016.pdf

March 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

April Fin2016.pdf

May 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

June 2016 Financial Statement - Revised.pdf

School Year 2016-2017

July 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

August 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

September 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

October 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

November 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

December 2016 Financial Statement.pdf

January 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

February 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

March 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

April 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

May 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

June 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

June 2017 Revised Financial Statement.pdf

School Year 2017-2018

July 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

July 2017 Revised Financial Statement.pdf

August 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

September 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

October 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

November 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

December 2017 Financial Statement.pdf

January 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

February 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

March 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

April 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

May 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

June 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

June 2018 Financial Statement Updated.pdf

School Year 2018-2019

July 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

July 2018 Financial Statement Updated.pdf

August 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

September 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

October 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

November 2018 Financial Statement.pdf

December 2018 Financial Statements.pdf

January 2019 Financial Statements.pdf

February 2019 Financial Statements.pdf

March 2019 Financial Statements.pdf

April 2019 Financial Statements.pdf

G and H. District Contracts of all Employees and District Salary Schedules

A.C.A 6-17-2301 & 6-17-201

3.8.1--Certified Salary Schedule 2016-2017.pdf

3.8.1--Certified Salary Schedule 17-18.pdf

3.8.1--Certified Salary Schedule 18-19.pdf

3.8.2--Certified Stipend Schedule 2016-2017.pdf

3.8.2--Certified Stipend Schedule 17 -18.pdf

3.8.2-- Certified Stitped Schedule 18-19.pdf

8.1--Classified Salary Schedule 2016-2017.pdf

8.1--Classified Salary Schedule17-18.pdf

8.2--Classified Salary Schedule 2018-2019.pdf

8.2 Classified Salary Schedule 19-20.pdf

Contracts FY2016-2017.pdf

Contracts FY2017-2018.pdf

Contracts FY2018-2019

J. Administrator And Teacher Salary /Benefit Data

A.C.A 6-11-129

Teacher salary & benefits FY2016.pdf

Teacher Salaries and Benefits FY2017.pdf

Teacher Salaries & Benefits FY2018.pdf

I. Annual School District Statistical Report

A.C.A 6-11-129

Annual Statistical Report 2014-2015.pdf

Annual Statistical Report FY2015-2016.pdf

Annual Statistica Report FY2016-2017.pdf

District's Yearly Audit

VBSD Audit 16

VBSD Audit 17.pdf

VBSD Audit 18.pdf

District ACSIP Plans

A.C.A 6-15-2202
Login: guestDAR528
Password: guestDAR528

Certified Policies And Classified Policies Combined

A.C.A 6-11-129 & 6-17-2301 & 6-17-201

Certified Policies 18-19.pdf

Classified Policies 18-19.pdf

Certified Policies 2017-2018.pdf

Classified Policies 2017-2018.pdf

16-17 Certified Policies.pdf

16-17 Classified Policy.pdf

District Parent Involvement Plan

A.C.A 6-15-1704 & A.C.A 6-15-1402

District Parent Engagement Plan18-19

School Improvement Plans 2018-19

Butterfield Trail Middle School.pdf

Central Elementary School.pdf

City Heights Elementary School.pdf

Freshman Academy.pdf

King Elementary School.pdf

Northridge Middle School.pdf

Parkview Elementary School.pdf

Rena Elementary School.pdf

River Valley Virtual Academy.pdf

Tate Elementary School.pdf

Van Buren High School.pdf

School District Performance Reports

A.C.A 6-15-1402

VBSD School Report Card 2017.pdf

VBHS School Report Card 2017.pdf

BTMS School Report Card 2017.pdf

NRMS School Report Card 2017.pdf

Central Elem School Report Card 2017.pdf

CH School Report Card 2017.pdf

King School Report Card 2017.pdf

PV School Report Card 2017.pdf

Rena School Report Card 2017.pdf

Tate School Report Card 2017.pdf

Freshman Acad School Report Card 2017.pdf

School Improvement Status

A.C.A 6-15-2202

2017 ESEA District and School Reports.pdf

School Calendar

  School Calendar 2016-2017.pdf  2017-2018 Student School Calendar.pdf  Student School Calendar 2018-2019.pdf2018-2019 School Calendar Faculty.pdf2019-2020 School Calendar Faculty.pdf2019-2020 Student Calendar.pdf

Teacher Qualifications for all Schools

A.C.A 6-15-2202

2016 Accreditation Report.pdf

Reports To The Public

Annual Report to the Public 2018.pdf

Annual Report to the Public 2017.pdf

Report to the Public 2016.pdf

Dyslexia Reports


Student Services Plans

VBHS Student Services Plan 18-19.pdf

Butterfield Student Services Plan 2018.pdf

Northridge Middle School Student Services Plan 2018.pdf

Freshman Academy Student Services Plan 18-19.pdf

Central Student Services Plan 18-19.pdf

City Heights Student Services Plan revised 2018.pdf

King Student Services Plan revised 2018.pdf

PV Student Services Plan 2018-19.pdf

Rena Student Services Plan 2018-19.pdf

Tate Student Services Plan 2018-2019.pdf

RVVA Student Services Plan 18 19.pdf