ABCSS Program

Van Buren School District provides preschool classes at King Elementary School and Tate Elementary School through the ABCSS Program (Arkansas Better Chance for School Success)

Parents who are interested in learning about the program or completing a waiting list form for their child, can contact:

King Elementary School at 479-474-2661
Tate Elementary School at 479-471-3130

Basic Information about ABC Preschool:

  • Eligibility for the ABC Preschool is determined by the ABC Coordinator, Robert Childers, after applications and required documents are submitted by the parent.
  • The school calendar is the same as Van Buren School District’s calendar.
  • The daily hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Daily attendance in preschool is required.
  • Transportation to the ABC program is provided by the parent.
  • Tours of the school and the preschool classes will be scheduled at the parent’s request.