Tornado Safe Room

Safe Rooms have been constructed by the Van Buren School District in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. They are designed and constructed to with stand the pressures of 200 mile-per-hour tornadic winds. Safe Room doors will be unlocked at the first Tornado Warning siren. Safe Room doors do not open until that time.

Safe Room Locations
  • Tate Elementary
  • King Elementary
  • Rena Elementary
  • Parkview Elementary
  • Butterfield Trail Middle School
  • VBHS Freshman Academy
  • Van Buren High School

Safe Room Procedures
  • Safe Room doors will be unlocked with the first “Tornado Warning” siren.
  • Safe Room will close when “Tornado Warning” expires.
  • Safe Room will accommodate pets contained within airline approved pet carriers.
  • Safe Room and school campuses are tobacco-free facilities per Arkansas law.
  • Safe Room doors are to remain closed at all times.

Priority Occupation
  • Students, school faculty and staff have priority during the school day.
  • During severe weather after school hours, the Safe Room is available for community shelter.

General Information
  • Safe Room Manager will open and close the facility.
  • Safe Room Manager has access to a severe weather radio and can answer questions.
  • Safe Room is not stocked with food, cots, pillows or blankets.
  • Safe Room is stocked with a first aid kit and 12 or fewer chairs for the elderly or physically challenged.
  • Safe Room Manager will close the facility when the Tornado Warning has expired.