To: Parents of School Bus Riders

We would like to welcome your child and you to the new school year. We are looking forward to an excellent and safe school year. We ask that you parents instruct your child on the proper behavior for riding the bus and for waiting at the bus stop. We do not want to have any of the problems in our district that took place in the state last year. We hope that we can all work together and make this a positive experience for all involved.

Thank you,

VBSD Department of Transportation


Students living more than two (2) miles from their school and students living in a dangerous or high traffic area have access to bus transportation to and from school. VBSD buses are routed to provide the best service for the greatest number of students. Bus routes are planned to get within one (1) mile of the home location of each student if factors permit.

All VBSD buses will be driven by a VBSD employee who holds a current Commercial Drivers License. The drivers have the same authority on the buses that teachers have on the school campus. Pupils are under the supervision of the bus drivers and are responsible to the driver for their conduct. As the buses will run as nearly on schedule as possible, students are urged to be ready and on time.

Frank Petray - Director

2221 Pointer Trail East

Van Buren, AR 72956

(479) 471-3140

Transportation Documents:

Student Bus Form

Bus Removal Procedure

Bus Routes

Transportation Guideline Procedures
Transportation Procedures Spanish

VBSD School Bus Safety Plan