VBSD Trails System

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Helping students succeed extends beyond the classroom walls. In our mission to create a culture of healthy living, the Van Buren School District has committed creating a community-wide trails system, which encourages students and their families to get moving. Campus tracks and trails offer safe spaces for students and the city residents to walk, jog, and exercise year-round.

Over the last several years, VBSD has significantly expanded its trails system using JUA (Joint User Agreement) funding. We have partnered with both the City of Van Buren and Crawford County, as well as the Boys & Girls Club, for installations throughout the community. Several schools are equipped with asphalt trails, as well as fitness stations where visitors can perform upper and lower body strength and endurance exercises. A stand-alone fitness park also exists near the VBSD Administration Building on Pointer Trail.  (See brochure and slideshow below for site listing.) To date, VBSD has received nearly $500,000 in JUA grant funds to help complete these projects. 

The trails system is an important component of the District’s overall wellness plan, which focuses on both student and staff health. Van Buren is proudly designated as a Coordinated School Health (CSH) District by the Arkansas Department of Education. Our trails system helps promote the importance of physical activity, which is a key component of the CSH model. Trails are also open to the community during non-school hours, giving local residents free and easy access to a place for exercise and recreation.

Download the brochure here. (Updated brochure coming in Summer 2021.)