Professional Development

A thriving educational learning community provides professional development which is systemic and embedded in the day to day work of teachers and other school personnel. It is planned, purposeful, and comprehensive in its scope. It offers opportunities for teachers to build their capacity to teach in ways that are aligned with current research and understandings about learning, the use of assessments to inform teaching and meeting ever changing and differing student needs. The goal of Van Buren School District's professional development is to support productive continuous improvement of and focus on the work adults do to enhance student learning.

Staff Needs Assessment

Van Buren School District teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators participate annually in the National Professional Development Council's Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI). Professional Development activities also include post course feedback opportunities.

ISTE Web Site: International Society for Technology in Education

Funding for Professional Development

Funding for staff development is critical to the successful implementation of the District's professional development plan. Professional Development is funded through district operating funds, and state and federally funded programs. VBSD offers professional development opportunities during District provided in-service days, team time and out of district conferences, classes or meeting events.

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