School Choice

Image titleBe part of the Van Buren School District!

The Van Buren School District provides students at every grade level with a high-quality, hands-on learning experience. We offer superior academics, taught by dedicated professionals, and virtual learning options. Through strategic partnerships, VBSD helps students jumpstart their college or career through concurrent credit courses and training. Students can also participate in our award-winning art, athletic, and academic programs.

You, too can be part of our innovative district and discover the meaning of #PointerPride. Apply today through school choice! Application deadline for the 2024-2025 school year is May 1, 2024.

Image titleSchool Choice Policy Information 

In order for non-resident students to enroll and attend the Van Buren School District, the student’s parent or legal guardian must submit an application, in compliance with the Arkansas Public School Choice Act of 2015, on or before May 1st of the year that the student would begin school during the fall semester. Applications will be considered without regard to gender, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, or disability.

No application will be approved for a non-resident student that would cause the Van Buren School District to be unable to serve resident students or that would endanger the accreditation of any schools or the district.

Applications can be obtained by calling the Van Buren School District Administration Building at (479) 474-7942. Parents must complete the required form and return the documents to VBSD. 

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Why choose VBSD?

Van Buren School District will serve the Van Buren community by providing a learning environment that enables students to attain their full potential and that promotes lifelong learning.

We believe:

  • Everyone can learn.
  • Education is learner-centered.
  • Education prepares learners for solving real life problems.
  • Continual personal and professional growth is vital.
  • Technology is essential to education.
  • Education can actively link the community.Image title
  • Assessment and evaluation are critical steps in the learning process.
  • A safe, nurturing and orderly environment is conducive to learning.