School Safety

Van Buren School Safety Programs

Drug Education/Prevention and School Resource Officer Programs

Secure Front Doors

Each school site has a “buzz in” system at the front door. Parents must push a button and face a camera before the front office will unlock door and allow them access into the building.

K-5 Parent Pick Up

At every K-5 building parents are assigned a car tag that is unique to their particular school. The parent, or the person picking the student up, must have the car tag displayed from the rearview mirror before the school will allow the student to leave with them. Each school will provide parents with more specific information about the procedure at the school site.

School Resource Officers

In an effort to reduce and eliminate problems facing our young people, VBSD and the Van Buren Police Department have developed a school resource officer program. The program is designed to be an effective method of dealing with drug abuse, juvenile crime and delinquency, and assistance to children that are considered to be "at risk". The three school resource officers (SRO) will serve as positive role models for students of VBSD.

The duties of the SRO involves a variety of educational activities designed to promote a safe and drug free community. The SROs will serve the entire district, but are housed in the middle schools, junior high schools, and high school offices. See list (right) of contact information for district SROs.

Drug Education and Prevention

The Substance Abuse Prevention Program for VBSD is delivered in the context of a comprehensive prevention program that encompasses school instruction and activities, parent involvement, and community support and participation. The foundation of this program is a clearly articulated and consistently enforced policy against substance abuse.

The schools use instruction and activities in a school-based approach. Each of the elementary and secondary schools has a team of specially trained teachers, counselors and administrators committed to the goal of drug-free schools. This team works with the school staff, students, and parents to provide instruction in the prevention of drug abuse.

Each of the three secondary schools has an IMPACT team composed of students who participate in student-led and school sponsored events that teach important lessons about how fulfilling life can be without drugs.

Tornado Shelters

Several of our schools have a tornado safe room available for the safety during severe weather. Please refer to this document for more information:


Contact information

Van Buren School District

2221 Pointer Trail East

Van Buren, AR 72956

(479) 474-7942

SRO Contact Information:

OFC Frank Petray

SRO - Van Buren High School

Office Phone: 474-6821

OFC George Edelen

SRO - Butterfield Trail Middle School

Office Phone: 474-6838

OFC Christopher Ho

SRO - Coleman Freshman Academy

Office Phone: 471-3160

OFC  Robin Kuykendall

SRO - Tate Elementary School

Office Phone: 471-3130

OFC Dewyane Richesin

SRO - North Ridge Middle School

Office Phone: 471-3126