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Established in 2016, IMPACT exists to provide “meals at critical times” for Van Buren students who may encounter food deficits at home. The initiative originally
began by providing non-perishable grocery items to participants over extended breaks, including at Thanksgiving, the holidays, and Spring Break. The program now
offers distributions nearly every month to families in need. Funding for IMPACT comes primarily from donor donations. 

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How you can make an IMPACT!

Your support of IMPACT can make a real difference in the lives of our students and their families. You can: 

  • Provide a cash or non-perishable food donation as a co-sponsor of IMPACT.
  • Volunteer time to help with food pack preparation and distribution.
  • Volunteer time or organize a food drive or monetary collection for IMPACT.

For more information, contact Angela Miranda at (479) 474-7404 or by email,