Attendance Zones

The following administrative regulations will facilitate any and all requests from parents or staff
members requesting an exception for their children to attend a school outside of their assigned
residential attendance zones.

1. Parents/Guardians must complete the District application form (Board Policy 1.31F1) requesting a
change in Attendance Zone and submit same to the receiving school. Final approval must be granted
by the Superintendent or his Designee. Applications will be accepted within the following

  • Applications for the Fall Term of the succeeding school year will be accepted between March 1 and April 15.
  • Temporary approval of these applications will be processed as soon as possible. Final approval will be made between the first and fifth day of the Fall Term when enrollment numbers are more accurate.
  • Applications received after April 15 for the succeeding school year will be considered between the first and fifth day of the Fall Term. Temporary approval may not be granted after April 15.
  • Applications will be considered at any time for the current school year.
  • If the Area Exception is filed due to anything other than an address change, the parent must meet with the present school's administrator for the application to be considered for the requested school.
  • If a request is made in the middle of a grading period the request will not be considered until the end of the grading period. The Superintendent or designee can waive the waiting period if the situation is warranted.
  • If a student has been approved for an Area Exception another application for a different school cannot be filed that same school year. Exception: If the parents have moved to a different address during the current school year. The Superintendent or designee may approve if deemed necessary.
  • If a student is approved to attend another school, they must attend that school for the remainder of the school year.

2. For a request in change of attendance zone to be approved, space must be available at the school
site. The District will not approve a request that will place the District out of compliance with
state regulations on classroom size. Once a grade level reaches 90% capacity no more area
exceptions will be accepted for that grade level.

3. Once an area exception has been approved, the student becomes an official student of that school
building; As long as the district does not exceed the regulation and standards regarding classroom
capacity. It is not necessary to complete an area exception on an annual basis.

4. The student will remain enrolled in that school unless they return to their zoned school and as long as classroom size standards are met.

5. Once a student leaves the school that the area exception was granted, they will have to
reapply to attend the school again.

6. A present or future sibling of a student who continues enrollment as an area exception in a
building may apply as an area exception if the school has the capacity to accept without adding
teachers, staff or classrooms that exceed the regulations and standards established by law. If
denied, they will be given priority to enroll at the building as soon as allowable.

7. The Van Buren School District is not obligated to provide transportation to any student who
chooses to change attendance zones.

8. The District will not approve a change in attendance zone if the request would adversely affect
the racial or socioeconomic balance within the school.

9. Students who are granted a change in attendance zone due to behavior or discipline problems will
be placed in the new setting with the understanding that placement in the Alternative School will
follow if problems persist.

10. Children of staff members will be allowed to attend the school that is the home base of the
staff member.

11. Any and all appeals will be submitted to the Superintendent for final disposition.

Attendance Maps:

Elementary School Zone

Middle School Zone